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5 Ways to Maximize Your CRM Investment

You’ve committed the resources to build the perfect sales tech stack, the right CRM, marketing automation or sales enablement platform but it’s just not working. You can’t get the team on-board or can’t see any real ROI.

How much is that costing you?

Many organizations purchase a CRM with the hope that it will make their sales team more efficient and then are disappointed when the results just are not there.

As a result of hearing this message over and over Sandler, along with Flawless Inbound and Hubspot have put together a panel to discuss the 5 key areas needed to maximize your CRM to leverage the effectiveness of the sales team:

1. Developing a customer centric sales process
2. Properly defining the steps in your process
3. Why configuring your CRM matters
4. How can you get the team to adopt the tool
5. Using the data provided by the tool to optimize the team



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Chad is a great trainer period, not just in sales & customer relations, but in life skills. Our entire team has benefited from his programs and we will continue to reap the rewards of his lessons for years to come. With Chad, it is not about tactics, it's about strategy and relationship development. I truly believe he has made our team better.

Brent Bommes